Artist's Biography

I started my art career after taking an intensive plein air painting course with Carole Ray Watanabe in southwest France during the summer of 1998. Excited with artistic promise I returned to San Francisco and began taking a series of painting and printmaking workshops during 1998 through 2001.

Many of my instructors encouraged me to paint and not pursue formal art school. Being in the health field professionally for many years I have been awed by the natural wonder of the human body and it’s ability to creatively heal itself using the magic of it’s own energy systems. I also am in awe of the magic of creativity with painting and often liken the healing process I practice on a patient to the colorful expression I use on a canvas.

I was so inspired by the discovery of my late-blooming artistic expression that in 2001 I decided to open a small art instruction school “ArtJuice Studios” in San Francisco, to encourage other’s creativity. I had my first solo painting show in 2002 and happily had a very positive response to my work.

Sometime around 2004 or 2005 I began adding mixed media such as papers into my acrylic paintings and experimented with adding many different materials. Several years later I discovered melted beeswax as a medium and began adding more and more as a 'glue' for my collage paintings.

Then in 2010 I took a workshop in learning the art of encaustic painting and couldn't wait to set up my own encaustic studio. It wasn't long before I began incorporating papers and objects into the melted beeswax and resin medium I was 'painting' with. It was and is still so exciting to see how far I can push the limit in what objects, papers and fabrics I can blend together with the encaustic medium. I recently started adding metallic powders, coating the surface of the piece...Oh dear, now THAT is addictive! The glistening sheen of color over hardened wax provides an excitement of glee.

Where will the magic of art take me next?




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