Artist's Statement

I don't usually follow an outline or plan at the beginning of a new piece. Instead, I begin a painting out of spontaneous creativity, believing that the magic of an individual piece will emerge on its own.  I start by drawing several random shapes, some of which will remain through the piece's progress, and others that will be “overpainted” by succeeding layers. These abstract shapes are often inspired by music which I select beforehand to match my current mood and may run the gamut between joyful, whimsical or even contemplative at the beginning. The piece is imbued with that mood through its development. Then I start adding to the general shapes using colors, textures, and at times other mediums, never with a plan but based on mood.  

After taking in this first layer of shapes and textures I then have a template for my final composition. I use this primary under-painting as a map from which I build upon creating a theme. As I continue to paint on the template sometimes using a brush, cloth or even my finger, new shapes and textures emerge from part of the original under-painting which have been partly obscured by the new layers. Then like a symphony building to a crescendo, I see where the transformation is going and a flurry of enhancements ensues. That's when I am dancing with the music and the shapes. It's during this dance that I start to add the final layers. Color upon color and texture upon texture the painting blossoms to become a finished piece.

Not only is this process of painting very exciting to me but when I secretly watch someone look at one of my paintings and chuckle, I get a thrill. I imagine they feel the energy of the painting's rhythm, evoking a sense of their own creative expression. By relating to the boldness or nuance of the juxtaposed colors and abstract themes, I hope they are experiencing some of the mystical whimsy that's in the world.



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